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Stadiums & Concessions Industry

The concessions industry is fast-paced and high energy. Meeting the needs of hundreds or thousands of customers in a short period of time leaves little room for failure, especially equipment malfunctions.

Fittings, Inc. works with beverage dispensing equipment manufacturers and installation providers, as well as small business owners in the concession industry, to provide high quality, long lasting beverage dispensing systems.

There’s nothing quite like going to a high school football game, state fair, or other venues to indulge in concession treats - the food and beverages can make the experience much more satisfying. Fittings, Inc. understands that customers want to walk up and quickly get a cold and refreshing beer, soda, or other beverage. That’s why we provide stadiums and concession stands/trailers with high quality fittings and cold plates to help ensure their beverage dispensing systems deliver a delicious cold beverage every time.

Our fittings and cold plates are designed to last, allowing your beverage dispensing systems to stand up to constant heavy use. Whether you have a carbonated beverage dispenser, draft beer arm, ice and beverage tower, or other beverage dispenser, our fittings and cold pates come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to meet your unique needs.

At Fittings, Inc., we offer a wide variety of stainless steel fittings, including nuts, clamps, stems, splicers, elbow/tee/cross adapters, and much more. These fittings allow soda, beer, and other beverages to flow optimally through the dispensing system. Because our fittings are made from stainless steel, they are stronger and more durable than plastic, which can deteriorate and leak. Our fittings feature corrosion resistance, maximum durability, and high strength to withstand the fast-paced atmosphere of the concessions environment.

To dispense properly chilled beverages, high quality cold plates are crucial. Our cold plates are designed to be covered with ice or circulated with chilled glycol (depending on the dispenser system) to maintain a near-freezing temperature. When people order a cold beer, soda, or other beverage, the drink flows through the cold plate’s many feet of stainless steel internal tubing, properly chilling the beverage before it is dispensed. Available in many sizes and configurations to meet the unique requirements of the stadium and concession industry, our cold plates are versatile and vital to the quality of your beverages.

The quality of the beverage is highly dependent on the quality of the dispenser equipment. Fittings and cold plates play a vital role in making beverages cold and refreshing. At Fittings, Inc., we offer top-notch products for superior dispensing systems and better tasting beverages.