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Bars & Breweries Industry

Fittings, Inc., a privately-held company in Fort Worth, Texas, supplies beverage dispensing equipment manufacturers and installation providers with high quality fittings and cold plates. If you own or manage a bar or brewery and need cold plates or fittings for your draft beer arms, soda and beer guns, or other beverage dispensing systems, we offer a wide range of products to meet your unique needs.

We understand the bar and brewery industry requires quality dispensing equipment to provide patrons with a cold refreshing beverage. Fittings, Inc. manufactures premium fittings and cold plates to make your beer and beverage dispensing systems last for the long haul. From soda guns to commercial bar draft beer systems, our products allow your dispensers to deliver a quality pour every time, providing the best possible experience for your patrons.

We offer a broad range of stainless steel fittings, ranging from nuts, stems, and clamps to splicers and elbow/tee/cross adapters. These fittings allow beer, soda, and other beverages to flow through the dispensing system optimally. All of our fittings are manufactured for maximum durability and high strength. Featuring corrosion resistance, these fittings are essential in providing bars and breweries with a high-quality beverage dispensing system.

While fittings are made from many different materials, stainless steel is the best choice for quality and durability. Stainless steel fittings perform better than plastic fittings, which can deteriorate and leak. To keep your bar or brewery running smoothly, stainless steel fittings are the premium choice.

Cold plates are another crucial element in bars and breweries. Our cold plates are made with high quality aluminum and stainless steel tubing. Cold plates are kept covered with ice or circulated with chilled glycol to maintain a constant near-freezing temperature. When your patrons come in for a cold beer or other chilled drink, their beverage flows through the cold plate’s many feet of internal tubing, making sure it is completely chilled before the drink is dispensed. Cold plates are manufactured and available in many sizes and configurations to meet the specific requirements of the bar and brewery industry. Whatever dispensing system you use, there’s a Fittings, Inc. cold plate that will fit it.

Whether you’re dispensing beer from the draft beer arm or soda from a soda gun, your bar needs quality equipment. At Fittings, Inc., we offer top-of-the-line products so your dispensing machinery lasts longer and your beverages taste better.