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About Fittings Inc. - Beverage Fittings & Cold Plates

Vision: To be the best supplier in the beverage industry.
Particulars: Fittings, Inc. was founded in 1983 in Fort Worth, Texas. At that time the primary products were (and still remain today) stainless steel fittings for the beverage industry. In 1991, we also began manufacturing cold plates, which are the preferred solution for cooling dispensed beverages in the US. In 2009, we started distributing products in Europe to better serve that market.
Who: Fittings, Inc. is a privately-held company.
How: The majority of our products are manufactured in our Fort Worth facility. However, the company has adapted over time to changing business conditions, and sources products wherever it makes the most sense.

Awareness: Here at Fittings, Inc. we understand if we don’t provide great customer service, someone else will. We also understand we are part of a global community, so the way we treat our employees and the environment is as equally important as revenue.

Whether you’re dispensing beer and beverages for commercial purposes or home brew use, you need high-quality fittings equipment and supplies. At Fittings, Inc., located in Fort Worth, Texas, we offer our customers top-of-the-line products to get the best out of their beverage dispensing systems. From installation to maintenance and even repairs, we provide our clients with everything necessary to serve beer and soda beverages at the optimal temperature and absolute best flavor.

As a leading supplier of beverage, beer and soda fitting, dispensing parts and equipment, we strive to provide our customers with the best products available for a wide range of beverage system needs. Browse through our wide selection of products. We understand how overwhelming searching through endless products can be; which is why we’ve created some information guides to help with the basics.

Featuring corrosion resistance, durability, and high strength, stainless steel fittings are an essential component of quality beverage dispensing systems. Stainless steel fittings perform better over the long term than plastic fittings, which can deteriorate and leak. Stainless steel fittings are the premium choice for beverage dispenser installations, as well as for minimizing maintenance and repair costs over the life of the system.

All the stainless steel material we use is certified to ASTM standards by the steel mills we purchase it from. All stainless steel fittings either a soda fitting or beer fittings are passivated per ASTM A967 to meet the standards of major beverage and food companies.

Fittings, Inc. welcomes opportunities to create new custom products. Our engineering staff is available to help customers turn ideas and concepts into working designs, models, prototypes, production samples, and volume shipments. We frequently quote new products based on customer request for unique applications as well as variations of existing products. If you have need of a product not currently offered on our website or in our catalog, you can contact us with your request.