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Healthcare Industry

Fittings, Inc. was founded in 1983 with a mission to provide on-time delivery of stainless steel fittings for customers in the beverage industry. Since then, the company has expanded their business to supply a wide variety of high-quality products for multiple industries and markets.

Working with a wide range of customers, Fittings, Inc. understands the unique needs of diverse clients. For customers in the healthcare industry, we offer both standard configurations and custom products. Thousands of configurations are available for a broad spectrum of applications.

Fittings, Inc. specializes in machining 303 grade and 304 grade stainless steel as well as 304 grade stainless steel tubing fabrication for standard and custom-designed products. From splicers and stems, to tees and valves, each fitting is created with high quality, long-lasting use in mind. Find the existing fitting that meets your requirements or allow us to create a custom piece for your special application. When our customers in the healthcare industry have unique product requirements, our engineering and quality people work together with them as a team to create configurations that will meet their needs.

We service customers globally with ready access to our engineering and production resources, documentation for our products and processes, and facilities in both the United States and Europe. By providing high-quality products, meeting delivery commitments, ensuring ease of maintenance and repairs, and keeping customers satisfied with personal service, Fittings, Inc. is committed to keeping healthcare companies around the world innovative and successful.