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Fittings, Inc. Celebrates 35 Years Serving the Beverage Industry

Fittings, Inc. Celebrates 35 Years Serving the Beverage Industry 2018 marks the 35th year Fittings, Inc. has been serving the beverage industry. Specializing in stainless steel fittings and cold plates, the company now offers thousands of different products and components for a wide range of applications for beverage dispensing equipment manufacturing and distribution. Their products are used in drop-in soda fountains, ice and beverage towers, touchscreen soda dispensers, countertop beverage dispensers, bar guns, draft beer arms, and commercial beer dispensing systems. Fittings, Inc. - Stainless Steel Beverage Fittings CompanyWhether dispensing beer and other beverages for commercial purposes or home brew, high-quality fittings and cold plates help ensure the best possible pour. Fittings, Inc., located in Fort Worth, Texas, offer their customers top-of-the-line products to get the best out of their beverage dispensing systems. They provide their clients with everything necessary to serve beer and soda beverages at the optimal temperature and absolute best flavor. Below is a recent Q&A with Mark Gannon, President of Fittings, Inc. Q. How would you describe Fittings, Inc.'s role in the marketplace for the beer and beverage industry today? A. “We have been in business since 1983 and because many of the other comparable businesses from that time are no longer around, we have become the proven supplier for beverage dispensing fittings and cold plates. While there are newer competitors from overseas, we still enjoy being known as the go-to company for our products.” Q. How have new and emerging technologies changed the company's product line in recent years? A. “For the soda dispensing market, there has been a reduction in the total number of fittings used - due mainly to dispensing product design changes. For beer and especially for dispensed wine, there has been a push toward 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless is a little more difficult to machine than 303 stainless, but we have adjusted to this market change. “ Q. 2018 is Fittings, Inc. 35th anniversary. What has made you so successful in sustaining and growing as a company? A. “We don’t mind running the ball on first down and gaining three yards.“ Q. How has beer dispensing innovation over the last decade changed the way Fittings does business? A. “The movement from nickel-plated brass to stainless steel as the industry standard in fittings has helped our business. Since there are not as many dominant players in beer dispensing as compared to soda, there is more elasticity in the market.” Q. What are customers telling you currently that they look for in a manufacturer? A. “Customer service is usually more important to them than price. We may lose some customers for a while due to pricing, but they often find the savings are not worth the hassle. We make it easy for our customers to buy from us. “ Fittings, Inc. works with the beverage dispensing industry (for soda, beer, wine, coffee, juice, water, etc.) to provide high quality fittings and cold plates for a wide range of dispensing machines and systems. From soda machines to commercial draft beer systems, we supply unique fittings and cold plates to create perfectly dispensed beverages from the products and systems shown here. Learn more about our products by viewing our catalog here: Online Catalog