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Convenience Stores & Travel Stops Industry

High quality, reliable beverage dispensing systems are crucial for convenience stores and travel stops. From the locals to the traveling customers, each person who comes in for a beverage expects their drink to be refreshingly cold and delicious.

Fittings, Inc. works with beverage dispensing equipment manufacturers and installation providers, as well as small business owners, to provide cold plates and fittings that enhance beverage dispensing systems, giving customers a cold and refreshing drink every time.

We all know how disappointing it is to walk into a convenience store to get an icy cold drink and be faced with a broken soda fountain. That’s why we’ve created stainless steel fittings and cold plates. Stainless steel makes a big difference when it comes to fittings for a beverage dispenser. While plastic fittings can deteriorate and leak, stainless steel stands the test of time.

Whether your beverage station has a drop-in soda fountain, ice and beverage tower, countertop electric carbonated beverage dispenser, or a touchscreen soda dispenser, our high quality fittings and cold plate products help ensure your machines work flawlessly to give your customers a cold, refreshing beverage every time.

Cold plates also make a difference in your soda dispensing system. Our cold plates are designed to maintain a near-freezing temperature by being kept covered with ice or circulated with chilled glycol. Customers will come back for more after tasting the crisp cold beverage that flows through the cold plate’s many feet of internal stainless steel tubing. We manufacture cold plates in a wide range of sizes and configurations for an array of beverage dispensing systems.

In addition to cold plates, we offer many types of stainless steel fittings for beverage dispensing systems. Our high quality fittings make your beverage dispenser last longer and your beverages taste better. From nuts and clamps to splicers and stems, and everything in between, our fittings allow soda and other beverages to flow optimally through the dispensing system. Our fittings are durable, strong and corrosion-resistant to keep your dispenser working reliably.

Regardless of the type of beverage dispenser you’ve chosen for your convenience store or travel stop, you want lasting, quality equipment. At Fittings, Inc., we offer top-of-the-line fittings and cold plates to ensure that your dispenser lasts for the long haul.